Influence of psyche on the battle with the disease

Traditionally welcome all who visit my blog, all who read, and who write comments, especially after reading them I want to write more. Thank you for them.

On the first page of my blog I wrote a little about the influence of psyche on the battle with the tumor disease. However, I want to broach/mention this issue again because I spoke about it not enough as it is a river topic. Negative emotions. Someone could say, how is it possible to think the other way when a man has been informed he is deadly sick? It’s hard to think positively if you know you are going to die. But does CANCER always means the end? Exactly, who said that Cancer = death sentence? Not those who died, for sure; they will not say anything more since they are gone. In that case look for the contact with people who have won with the tumor. Nonetheless, those who have made it not always want to share their feelings, they get shivers only thinking about what they have been through. Continue reading “Influence of psyche on the battle with the disease”

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Look after your liver

Welcome regular readers as well as a new ones which are visiting my website for the first time. And new readers are getting more because the number is getting close to one hundred thousand for month. Those are people from all of the world including India, China and Mongolia. Anyway I am not going to name all of these countries. I want to greet everyone and to all my friends wish quick return to health. Friends because we are joined by the disease as well as need to overcome illness. We have one mutual friend, this friend of course is cancer. But really is very pleasantly to say that got friends in all world. Again greetings everybody.

Today I wanted to write about chemotherapy because lately it is very controversial topic. Some even refuse to accept this treatment claiming that chemistry kills. How much is the truth I cannot tell because I do not know. I know as much as everybody.
Continue reading “Look after your liver”

How to diagnose the disease well, quickly and cheaply?

Just as I promised I’m gonna write how to diagnose the disease well, quickly and cheaply? Earlier, however, I would like to alert readers to another issue. On diagnostician who is in the house. On dog. This was during my illness. It’s just that I did not associate. I had a little dachshund puppy – bitch. A dog is a dog in the house, no one was paying attention, because on top of that small and long, even though he gave signs that something is wrong. Only after some time Discovery television showed a dog sniffing the owner or the owner (can not remember) felt cancer. Continue reading “How to diagnose the disease well, quickly and cheaply?”

Why keeping hands on head helps?

Hello all readers.

At beginning I will answer for fundamental question which scrolls in received emails. What I describe and write is my story this is what I experienced and what most people going through. People to whom doctor said they are very seriously ill on cancer few he will add they have not much longer life. So much at the outset.

And why keeping hands on head helps anyone? That question torment not only a readers but me as well a man who promotes this method. Lately I thought a lot about this and come up such a hipothesis. Commonly known that every human every organism is able to overcome different diseases. Also known once cases of cancers was much, much less than now. Continue reading “Why keeping hands on head helps?”